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A Cry for Help

The following quote from a teacher librarian was received the other day and I reporduce it exactly except for the state name:


“I am in discussions with our Elementary Assistant Superintendent and Director of Curriculum about reinventing the elementary library. I have introduced the library learning commons as a balanced approach marrying both traditional practices with modern, digital practices and activities. My Assistant Superintendent seemed interested especially when I mentioned “digital” and showed several pictures of a middle school digitized library that he visited in the _____. The room was physically “bookless,” and in its place were smart boards, whiteboards, wall projector and flexible furniture but overall a very sterile vibe. He was also excited about software that has built in comprehension and decoding tests etc…within ebooks while students read. We had quite the long, conversation where I presented the parent perspective not wanting my child on the screen to read interest based book as the sole choice, or from an educator’s perspective, why do students need to be tested on everything they read, and from both, having physical books in hand for the little ones is an important sensory and developmental offering. But I’m not so sure he was on board. When I asked him if we could go visit some successful elementary school learning common models, he said, “Nah, let’s just build one ourselves.” If possible, could you send me a variety of elementary school models that I can research and possibly even contact? It could be from any state, but ideally _____. And of course, any thoughts, ideas, articles welcome.”

Who can help? Who is ready to respond to the call for showcasing? See the challenge page at:

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