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The Virtual Learning Commons

For two semesters, my graduate students have been developing the virtual learning commons both collaboratively in small groups and individually for their own school if they were employed. It is now to build upon that expertise in a year-long developmental project. The Virtual Learning Commons replaces the library web page which has always been a one-way form of communication between librarians and their patrons. The Virtual Learning Commons aims to create a giant school-wide conversation where students, classroom teachers, teacher librarians, teacher technologists, administrators, other school specialists, and parents are creating and constructing a giant informaiton space, work space, and museum. My graduate students will be participating in this year-long development project but others around the U.S. and the rest of the English-speaking world are welcome to experiment and create with us. This project will be done at: and readers of this blog can find there the link to the virtual learning commons construction page. Add your name to those interested in participating. We hope to develop a vaiety of templates that folks can pull down or duplicate in their own schools. Already, there is a list of various characteristics we would like to develop.

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